Tactics Session!

31 01 2010

This Tactics Session started off as normal, a leader tells everyone to go to a server to practice before a battle.

initial Amount:

Our first Tactic of the day, a Line:

Our Second Line, a vertical one:

A Circle, This one didn’t end out as good =(

Two lines and a Circle! Lookie there; some Nachos came to visit!

This one ended up to be better than we thought! And ofcourse! we did our customary “Clover Bomb”.

Some of us got a little confused, but a Sucessful charge!


A Few more people came and we tried another Circle!

In the middle of another circle the Nachos decided to start spamming us… So we charged them! 😛

We got bored and Las was going to have us to make a T but we outvoted him and made a X!

Two more lines we made… And a count up of how many people were there.

The nachos started to bother us… But they didn’t stop us from making a sucessful Circle!

Motor tries to have fun =P

We made some more lines and circles. And the Tacos helped us on that line 🙂

The first ever Fart Line!

Me after it =D

And whoever he was, Bio Fusion was in the Game! He did a great job throughout the Battle! I salute you Bio!

And to end this post off with a good note… A fail!!!

[To be posted, i can’t find it now… (fail!)]



ACP Magazine issue 2!

31 01 2010

Issue no. 2 is out! This issue is about the…Nachos!

Note: Click on the pics to make them bigger!

No offence Nachos 😛

Thats all!



1 02 2009

I have a idea, its for a new ACP Sub Division (SD for short) well this SD would be called the B.B.R.S. the Before Battle Recon Squad! There would be a few soldiers that would get on CP before abattle and spy on the other army in their uniform! I know it sounds stupid but lets give it a chance!

~Waddlebox123~    P.S. Im a Brigaider General now w00t!!

Snow & Sports Nov. 2008 Cheats

28 11 2008


Click on  the N in Furniture to get the Pommel Horse.


I have proof that CP is going to bring back the Ice Rink! Maybe for a Christmas present?


Also Cp Brought back the Ski Patrol stuff!


Theres also some new stuff,The skating dress.new-snownsports1

Thats all!


Funny Pic

2 11 2008


Happy Halloween!

1 11 2008

 Click the flag…

 Click the lamp

Click the sign

 Wait 3 flashes

 Mouse over the book

Click the candle

 Click the lanterns!!!!

Thankyou to Ponchieoo for letting me use the pics!

~Waddlebox123~     Happy Haloween! 😆

25 10 2008

Happy Halloween!!! Read the Note to find out when to party!!!!! 🙂