Collaboration is Key!

1 02 2010

Batin and I were on chat today, and i talked with him about a proposed Bill .

Leadership Check Bill V. 1.0
(I) This bill gives the Soldiers, Senators, and people of the DRACP all rights to impeach/replace a leader.
(II) Any leaders that are chosen to be impeached MUST comply with the impeaching. (III) Main Body of the bill:

Every few months a group of soldiers randomly chosen (Soldiers will be lt.colonels or higher) to asses how the Leader/Leadership is doing and their productivity. If the answer is “Yes” then they will not be changed. If the answer is “No” then they will be subject to the changes suggested by the soldiers. If the Leader(ship) does not change their ways then the Leader responsible for it will be Impeached/Replaced.

(IV) The senate must vote on this bill by March 1st 2010.




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