Guess What?!

7 06 2009

Guess what? Somone has joined ACP, Somone famous….

No not Fano, Heatblast227, or Fever!  ITS BILLYBOB! YES THE REAL BILLYBOB,ONE OF THE CREATORS OF CP! I wonder if he’ll get more pc’s than Saint! Also, I wonder what peng he’ll get on for Practice Battles and stuff!

Also, He’s the same rank as me! And… He’s next to me on the Ranks Page!






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13 06 2009

That is, so cool when he joined! I was Private Chating with him about the whole thing! And it’s also cool that he is right next to you on the ranks, Congratulations!

Waddle’s Edit: Thanks mchappy2!

14 06 2009

im going to scout camp today! =D

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