Joee125/I return :)

31 01 2009

Well since Waddlebox won’t be posting i will ill tell you a little about myself

My name is Joee125

My home server is Rocky Road ( but I go on Vanilla)

Im in Spartans ( their leader)

I had a green puffle named Yoda ( he ran away 😦 )

I will also post cheats and other stuff about the war

We fight for  freedom and justice wait…….. isnt that the spartans motto? oh well


Waddlebox’s edit: hi joee! I guess ill still post 🙂 but i wont do pics they slow down my comp. you can do pics and war updates ect. I have returned!!Maroon is my color.




One response

28 04 2009

Hey joee lol i was searching your name(i do that too all my friends).Cloe was freaking out.So anyway just wanted to say cool web!

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