special news announcment

24 10 2008

A storm is comming read on!!!! ↓

Club Penguin news bulletin.

A gigantic storm is nearing
Clubpenguin. I advise all to
board up their igloos and
evacuate coastal cities and
towns This is all for now.
Stay Tuned.
~Waddlebox123~ H.R.

Oct. 23 2:21 pm, Mammoth

Im back and today is the
day of the 3 year Anniversary
Party w00t! Now back to the
Bulletin, I advise everyone to
board up their igloos and
stock up food because the
 storm will hit land in a few
days. To be exact 7 i know
thats a week but, this storm
is fierce. Winds have been
clocked at 50 MPH!
(Miles Per Hour)
That is all for now.
~Waddlebox123~ H.R.

Oct. 24 6:24 am, Mammoth




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