My Interview With Rockhopper

11 10 2008

a few months ago i had an interview with Rockhopper about his ship,The Migrator,Pirate Treasure and Yarr!

When i asked Rockhopper about his ship the Migrator he answered very pirate-like

Arr the Migrator be a good ship! She has survived storms and nevertheless,PENGUINS TRAMPLING HER, so she’s a reliable ol’ piece of driftwood!

When i asked him about his Pirate Treasure he tried to confuse me by using weird words like Plunder and Booty (booty is Pirate Treasure.)

Arrgh! so ye are askin’ me about me Pirate Booty! It be kept safe in me Quarters by me ferocious guard puffle:Yarr! I can’t give ye any clues on me next treasures but they are going to be very nice like a Fish Pizza after a long day,Ye know what i mean?

Then i asked him about his puffle Yarr and this was his answer!

Yarr! Yarr be a nice ol’ Puffle and hes be by me side since i found him! Nevertheless hes been a good puffle and thats why i love him with all of me seafaring heart!

This was Yarr’s answer. 😆

Squeak! Squeak!

Thats all for now!!!!! ~Waddlebox123~



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