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10 08 2008

As you can see, Dr Nono jr (i think i spelt his name wrong :mrgreen: ) Is now Leader, also he has made a few changes…


1. Kg’s Rank

Yes, I will be giving Kg a high rank to join, probably ranging from Admiral to Head Admiral. But as leader, I want this army to be governed by the people, not just for the people, so I don’t wanna give him a super-high rank if the people don’t agree. So, after I get the new ranks set (very soon) I will make a poll to ask you what rank you want him to have.

2. New Ranks

Yes, of course, I will need to change the ranks a bit. These should be done soon. Something you will notice about my ranking system is that, at least I think, it’s more fair. If you are highly inactive without a good excuse, you COULD be demoted.

3. Modship

Modship will no longer be based solely on rank, but also on how well you follow the rules. For example, if a mod cusses a lot, they could be de-modded. Alternatively, someone below the rank of Brigadeer could be modded, but they have to be REALLY GOOD. The no asking to be a mod rule still applies.

4. War?

I haven’t been very active during this war due to my vacation. I don’t know if you want this war. Tell me your opinion in a comment on this post. I may make a poll later. I will also have to talk with the other army leaders about this.

5. Servers

I think that Oagal’s new “empire” idea is a bit too big. I would like to meet with other army leaders and discuss fair agreements for armies to occupy a few servers. So far, I’m favoring Mammoth and Snow Fort the most.


Thats All for now  *~Waddlebox123~*




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