Fort Quit!!!!!!!

7 08 2008

You heard right Fort57 leader of ACP quit. Heres ACTUALLY why fort quit and WHY he joined ACP…


Here’s how it started. In February ‘07 my bro was looking for cp cheats on google. He found the UMA, and told me about the Assassins of Club Penguin, or ACP. So I went to the ACP site and found out it was the Army of Club Penguin and joined anyways. Then in May of ‘07 I became a member and started participating in ACP battles, although I didn’t get on much, I did what I could. I wasn’t ranked or very well recgonized till September of ‘07 when Oagal was starting elections. In October, I finally got ranked, and finished in 2nd place. Then people started noticing. Then from that point on you probably know the rest.

I have nothing left to say as an ACP soldier/leader/allie, or whatever you think of me. You can say that I’m evil, lazy, whatever else you guys said. All I know is, I could care less. No matter how hard you try, I won’t come back. So Oagal I’d like you to choose whos leader, if you can call it that. Its more of a title than anything. There is no fame to this, the reward is little, I can tell you I hated being leader of ACP more than anything. I just got so tired of this, I’m Just done with it. So you can blame whoever you want, but the fact is I’m gone, nothing you can do about it.

Most of you don’t know the real reason I was choosen to be leader. I was choosen to basically make ACP the last big army standing, the ones who took over cp, ruled it, whatever you wanna call it. Like the dictatorship you say we are. That was what I was supposed to lead. I failed it.

Fort57 is offically retired from ACP.





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