Catalog and pin!

1 08 2008

Hey Annie here heres the new catolog and Pin

The pin is a record its by the puffle. And if you dont know what a record is its a Disk thing bigger than a cd and has old singers on it! But you cant forget Elvis!

Here are the clothing catalog secret items.

Click the blue part of the Glacier Suit to get the Jade Necklace. Mostly for girls. But for some boys too.

For the red Viking Helmet click the wig on the lime green penguin. Thats elvis if you don’t know who he is.


For the Mixed Bracelet, click the left Pink Sneaker. Mostly for girls.

Click the top left of the Purple Shield to get the Woodman’s Hat. Just like Robben hoods.

  So thats mosly it. Oh wait one more thing Rock hoppers comming!  As you guys know Rockhopper is the pirate penguin. He looks like this 


Hes the one with the berd!                                      

Oh Also Rockhopper isnt the only penguin in Club Penguin thats giving out a free backround meet the Clubpenguin Band!!                

        G Billy plays the Drums. He is a BIG colector of pins he has more than 50! Next is Franksy he guitar. Franky also wrote ‘Frankys First Show’  Petey K is my favorite member of the band! He plays  the accordion. Also Petey K lover pizza and coffe. Just like me! Last but not least is Stompin’ Bob!  He plays the bass guitar. He loves to take the Hydro Hopper boat for a spin! So thats all you need to know about the Clubpenguin Band! Oh also below is what the backround looks like. So thats all. See ya later Acp. – Annie290632


Its not really that big






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