Im Back!!!!

29 07 2008

hi guys im back from my vacation!!!! now im going to keep on working in ACP!!!!!

The Music Jam Party started on Friday so check it out!!!   PICTURES BY:Mike92

The Music Jam Shirt is at the plaza.

You can find the original maracas as the cove. These were first given out at a party in 2007.

There is also a new room, however to obtain access to it you must be a member. If you would like to get in just go to the Snow Forts then buy the backstage pass from the booth. Once you have it you go to the Dock and you should have access to the back stage room. Here is a picture of it for those of you who are not members (I edited my penguin in to it). You can also get more items when you are in there.

There is also a secret in the music catalog, if you click the dot on the “i” you will get the red guitar.

Also, the new game is out! You can play it by going to the dance club. I will post more about it soon.

What is your favorite room and/or music?

Keep on jamming,





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