New Newspaper and stuff

17 07 2008

Hey everyone.

The newspapers main headline is the announcement of the returning super hero play!

That’s right, I made a cool story in the newspaper! Make your own story and show me in a comment. Tell me what you think of it! Could this mean we will be able to tip the ice burg in the future?

Upcoming Events

  • July 18 – New Pin, furniture catalog, and igloo music.
  • July 25 – Club Penguin Music Jam 2008
  • August 1 – New clothing catalog.

have made a guide of the bugs and glitches on the server test.

FEATURE/BUG #10 Blank Chat – If you press the spacebar and then enter, you’ll get a blank chat bubble.

FEATURE #11 Puffle Stats – You can no longer see the puffles’ stats or name of another penguin’s igloo.

FEATURE #12 Sled Racing/Find Four/Mancala List – The loading list has changed slightly when you’re waiting for players.

FEATURE #13 Finding a Buddy – The ‘Find Buddy’ button on your buddy’s playercard has changed to a question mark.

FEATURE/GLITCH #14 Reading the Paper Backwards – First, sit sideways, face up, or dance. Then open your newspaper. You’ll be reading it all wrong or not reading it at all. Go to the Dojo to see yourself doing this while reading the newspaper.

FEATURE/GLITCH #15 Talking – (Thanks to Katy817) If someones talking behind you and your speech bubble is blocking theirs, no matter how much they talk, it won’t come in front of your own speech bubble.

FEATURE/GLITCH #16 UNLIMITED BUDDIES Probably my favorites glitch. For that reason, I’ve been on Flippers Dock for a long time now, accepting almost anyone who requests to buddy me!

FEATURE/GLITCH #17 Ski Hill – The Mountain is now called Ski Hill when you hover your cursor over it on the Map. However, when you go to it, it says ‘Loading Mountain’

FEATURE/GLITCH #18 Zoom in – If you right click anywhere at anytime, then select Zoom in, you can zoom in to view ultra large penguins. You can click, hold, and drag to move around.

FEATURE/GLITCH #19 Nonchat servers – You CAN chat on Nonchat servers.




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