VP elections!

8 03 2010

An important election is going on! Time to choose a new Vice President of the DRACP! The choices are as follows:

– Ditto230

– Jcapp64

– Kpkrocks1

– Icebaer10

– Twingy

– Stev712

– Klug1234

– Rock71

– King kinz 10

– Candycloud19

– Ennbay 0

– Capncook

– Soccergal688

– Noseycjr

– Diaa Lotfi

– Ktman

Vote wisely! They will be leading YOUR army!



Well,well,well… I got a new toy

15 02 2010

I got an iPod touch 2 days ago. I’m posting from It right now! XD

Collaboration is Key!

1 02 2010

Batin and I were on chat today, and i talked with him about a proposed Bill .

Leadership Check Bill V. 1.0
(I) This bill gives the Soldiers, Senators, and people of the DRACP all rights to impeach/replace a leader.
(II) Any leaders that are chosen to be impeached MUST comply with the impeaching. (III) Main Body of the bill:

Every few months a group of soldiers randomly chosen (Soldiers will be lt.colonels or higher) to asses how the Leader/Leadership is doing and their productivity. If the answer is “Yes” then they will not be changed. If the answer is “No” then they will be subject to the changes suggested by the soldiers. If the Leader(ship) does not change their ways then the Leader responsible for it will be Impeached/Replaced.

(IV) The senate must vote on this bill by March 1st 2010.


1 02 2010


99 hits today!!!!! woot!

Tactics Session!

31 01 2010

This Tactics Session started off as normal, a leader tells everyone to go to a server to practice before a battle.

initial Amount:

Our first Tactic of the day, a Line:

Our Second Line, a vertical one:

A Circle, This one didn’t end out as good =(

Two lines and a Circle! Lookie there; some Nachos came to visit!

This one ended up to be better than we thought! And ofcourse! we did our customary “Clover Bomb”.

Some of us got a little confused, but a Sucessful charge!


A Few more people came and we tried another Circle!

In the middle of another circle the Nachos decided to start spamming us… So we charged them! 😛

We got bored and Las was going to have us to make a T but we outvoted him and made a X!

Two more lines we made… And a count up of how many people were there.

The nachos started to bother us… But they didn’t stop us from making a sucessful Circle!

Motor tries to have fun =P

We made some more lines and circles. And the Tacos helped us on that line 🙂

The first ever Fart Line!

Me after it =D

And whoever he was, Bio Fusion was in the Game! He did a great job throughout the Battle! I salute you Bio!

And to end this post off with a good note… A fail!!!

[To be posted, i can’t find it now… (fail!)]


ACP Magazine issue 2!

31 01 2010

Issue no. 2 is out! This issue is about the…Nachos!

Note: Click on the pics to make them bigger!

No offence Nachos 😛

Thats all!



29 11 2009

I’ve been very unactive! but I am back up on the Webz!!! =D

But.. Don’t stalk me! :wary: :mrgreen: